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Children's Music Boxes

A delightful range of music boxes, ideal as a first gift and an entry into the wonderful world of music boxes.  Most of the music boxes that you will find in this range have the tiny dancing figurine which 'pop's up and revolves when the lid is lifted.  There are also some higher priced hand made wooden boxes from the Swiss manufacturer, Jobin, which are ideal gifts for the older child.
Swiss Music Box
"Cats Tea Party"
Petite Swiss
music box
Swiss Music Box Renoir, "Girls at Piano" MJB50
Petite Swiss music box
Music Box 
Girl With Kitten MJB2034201
Petite Swiss
music box
Swiss Music Box  "Kittens At Play" MJB56
Kittens at play
Swiss music box
Music Box
"Degas Ballerina"
Petite Swiss music box
Swiss Music Box
18 Note CMB1
18 note petite music box inlaid with a flower design.
Sunflower Girl
Music Box CB5
Sunflower girl
music box
Music Box CB1
Time Ballerina
A lovely music box with ballerina design.
Little Angel CB3
A cute little musical jewellery box with figurine. CB3
Little Ballerina
Music Box CB8
Childrens musical jewellery box with figurine
Little Ballerina
Music Box CB7
A lovely music box with ballerina design.
Play Time
Musical Jewellery Box CB11
A girls pretty music box.
Musical Jewellery Box CB15
Music Box to suit both boys and girls
Bears on Moon
Music Box CB12
A lovely music box with teddy bear design.
Musical Jewellery Box CB13
Music Box to suit both boys and girls
Musical Jewellery Box CB14
Music Box to suit both boys and girls
Musical Jewellery Box CB28
A very pretty musical jewellery box
Circus Theatre
Musical Boxes CB19
A circus themed
music box with
Angel Theatre
Music Box CB21
A music box with
dancing angel which
moves to the music
Musical Jewellery Box CB27
A lovely music box with ballerina design
Football Theme
Musical Box
Music Box
to suit both boys
and girls
Fairy Magic
Musical Jewellery
Box CB29
A beautiful
musical jewellery
box perfect for girls.
Fairy Magic
Musical Jewellery Box CB30
A beautiful musical jewellery box perfect for girls.
Pink Fairy
Music Box CB22045
A lovely music box with fairy design.
Fairy Moon Light Music Box CB28005
A lovely music box with fairy design.
Angel Music Box CB28015
A lovely music box with angel design.
Swan Ballerina
Music Box CB22036
A lovely music box with ballerina design.
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